Quality Purebred Working European Doberman Pinschers with Champion Bloodlines

Pure Doberman Pinscher Puppies for Sale in San Antonio Texas: AKC Registered and Up-to-Date Vaccinations




PureDobermans vision is to provide individuals and families with a best friend that is loyal like no other, and a properly trained Doberman Pinscher will protect their family at all costs.


Throughout the late 20th century, Doberman Pinschers have received a bad reputation as vicious animals that could not be trusted, and were feared by many.  This could not be further from the truth; a Doberman Pinscher was created to accompany mankind on their difficult journey through life.  Once this trustful breed is brought into your life, another breed will unlikely be considered again for ownership.

Doberman’s were bred to be a watchdog as well as a guard dog, and to protect their owner(s) from the unknown dangers that their master is not yet aware of.  He will be watchful in the night at your feet, while you sleep, to ensure that no unwelcomed guests will disturb their master.  An expensive alarm system, if armed, might alert an owner by going off 1 minute after a door or window is unexpectedly opened, help will not be sent for another 5-10 minutes, a lot can happen in 5 minutes.  A Doberman will alert the owner before that entrance is breached.  They are always on guard; for no one shall disturb the peacefulness of the home. 

The Doberman Pinscher is a medium size dog breed, weighing an average sixty-five to ninety-five pounds, as befits a dog that was originally bred to be a protector. His function reflects his physical frame, which is sleek and athletic. The breed also has a number of distinguishing physical characteristics, including a docked tail and cropped ears which are actually not natural features, but are preferred by their owners/breeders.

Since the Doberman Pinscher was bred to be a working dog, it is not surprising that the Doberman Pinscher's personality is highly intelligent and mentally alert. As long as you establish your alpha status early, training your new puppy should be rather easy. However, to make your training more effective, you need to keep your puppy mentally engaged. Training is vital at a young age for the Doberman Pinscher.  As with all smart creatures, the Doberman is no exception, when they are bored they will create mischief to keep themselves entertained.  To prevent this; the owner must be willing to exert that unwanted energy out while playing with his dog (walks/runs and ball games are perfect).  Let it be noted that a Doberman is not ideal for an idle individual, as they are energetic. Since you will find that the breed learns quickly, you will have to be dedicated to keep lessons fresh and challenging.  It is preferred that training be conducted in short fun sessions (on a continual basis) rather than long intense sessions (rarely).  It is also important to note that a Doberman should not be left alone at home for long periods of time.  They are at their best when included as part of your daily activities and family events. If you socialize him properly, the Doberman Pinscher will prove to be an excellent addition to your family, one who will not only watch over you but be devoted to the younger members of their “pack” and your family.

There are a wide range of factors that can affect the Doberman Pinscher temperament including early training and socialization as well as heredity. Unless your puppy is exposed early-on to new people, places and experiences, he may not grow up to be the well-adjusted dog you hoped for. If you want to get an idea of what your puppy’s temperament will be like, ask to meet at least one of the parents and possibly the littermates. If they have nice temperaments, the chances will be high that your puppy will as well.  Early socialization can be achieved by simple activities like taking him to the park regularly and inviting him to meet your friends.  It is strongly suggested that first time Doberman owners enroll their new puppy into obedience classes, after their 12 week vaccinations.  Once they are properly trained, they will follow the rules that they are taught without question, which makes them a low maintenance dog in their later years.  The same quality that makes a Doberman stubborn is also renowned to make them the most loyal.  “Train now or forever hold your leash”!

Deciding to own a Doberman is a tough decision; the owner must be prepared to take on extra responsibilities.  You might see the Doberman as your dog, but they will also see you as their human.  Nothing in this world pleases them more than sitting at their owner’s feet and following them room to room.   They will devote their life to ensuring that their family is safe.